Ok, so we’re a little biased; as a Malta-based digital agency, Systemato love Malta. But that doesn’t mean that we’re wrong to do so. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love Malta too.

Here are the reasons why we love Malta, interspersed with a lot of gorgeous photos from these islands.

300 Days of Summer

Let’s start with the obvious: The weather. They don’t call Malta the island with “300 days of summer” for no reason. Our capital city Valletta – the current European Capital of Culture as it happens – is not only steeped in history and culture, but sunshine too!

Malta’s capital gets an average of 2,957 hours of sunshine per year, making it the sunniest capital city in all of Europe. It’s also the warmest, experiencing an average high of 22.3°C and a low of 14.9°C.

This makes independent working a dream. Who wants to sit inside the house, listening to the rain hit the window whilst you try to work? It’s much better to do it the Malta way and find a table outside a coffee shop or restaurant and work in the fresh air.

Average annual hours of sunshine in Malta

Opportunities for startups

Napoleon is – falsely – attributed with having insultingly described England as a nation of shopkeepers. But it is without any insult that we can describe Malta as being very much a nation of shopkeepers. There are small, independent businesses everywhere. And they’re thriving.

Malta is a great place for a start up, no matter your business sector. With everything from iGaming companies and customer call centres to restaurants and watersports, Malta is a country that is set up to do business.

There are very few chain restaurants and generic high street brands, with the Maltese preferring to support their local businesses instead.

Increase in 2016 over the number of registered business units in Malta in 2015.

Networking is a way of life

Malta is small. In fact I’d go so far as to say that it’s the world’s largest village.

The benefit to this small size and village like atmosphere is the guarantee that almost anybody you run into knows somebody else that you know, providing an instant common ground for building a rapport. It also means there’s almost always an ‘in’ to whatever your chosen industry.

Because of this small, close knit community, business thrives on networking in Malta. It’s ingrained into the cultural fabric of the country, which is one of the most social in Europe.

Take a stroll along any Maltese promenade on a summer evening and you’ll see groups of people congregating, eating, drinking, and chatting, not tucked away indoors in front of the TV.

Malta and Europe: Friends with benefits

Malta is an island in Europe. Properly think about that statement. Being an island means all of the benefits of European membership without any of the issues of mainland Europe.

It’s pretty much the ideal scenario for European membership. Unless of course you’re the United Kingdom and have some weird idea that it’s better to be out than in. I’m English, so I’m allowed to say that, ok?

Malta’s European status also means freedom of movement for European workers, prime access to European destinations and membership of the Schengen Area.

Relatively cheap cost of living

Sure, property prices are rising, but on the whole, Malta is still a relatively cheap place to live given the standard of living available. Apartments are huge (compared to what you get in major cities on the mainland) and plentiful, with options to be in the midst of the action, or somewhere quieter.

There are plenty of free activities and attractions that can be visited all year round too. Valletta in particular will be buzzing with regular events throughout its tenure as the European Capital of Culture.

In short…

Malta has sun, sea, great food, history, European access, a thriving small business industry, networking opportunities galore, and did we mention the sun?

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