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Taking Astra To The Web

A digital baptism of fire for this fledgling bookkeeping firm.

An atypical accountant

Founded and run by Paul Gostelow, Astra Consulting works closely with individuals and corporations, helping them spend less time hassling over paperwork and more doing what counts most.

The team at Astra Consulting offers a range of specialised services, including: handling of taxes, auditing, company formation and business advisory. This enables their clients to benefit from all the advantages of basing their activities in a strategic and thriving EU economic hub like Malta.

“Time is always the enemy of the executive and while we all recognize the importance of keeping our websites and social media up to date inevitably it always slips to the bottom of the pile of priorities. With Mark and his team at Systemato this has been solved in one go. I only have to make a request and within hours copy has been produced which is usually much better than I could have done myself. They are responsive to a fault and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Paul Gostelow
Managing Director, Astra Consulting Ltd

“Leave it to us.”

While Astra Consulting ensures that their clients have all the necessary business structures locked in place to operate at their full potential, we at Systemato made it our mission to reconfigure their website’s structure and content from the ground up.

Working hand-in-hand with the Astra Consulting team and our good friends at Whale, our writers revamped the website’s structure to make it search-optimised and powered up the existing content with tighter, cleaner copy. We also ensure that the site is regularly updated with news from Astra Consulting and the wider world, and write valuable content for Astra’s client to consume.

Services Provided

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