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We know what goes into building a proper website

Why would I get you to build my site?

There’s heaps of excellent web designers out there, but there are also others who are, let’s say, somewhat unscrupulous in their ways.

We’ve seen all this firsthand:

  • clients tied into unfair maintenance packages
  • arcane and outdated technology
  • a poor standard of service – weeks of waiting for a simple change request
  • designers that are ignorant of digital marketing requirements, SEO, and other things that help a website be successful. This was the clincher.

We realised that a successful website development project is one that comes home on time, on budget, as desired by the client, and beyond reproach from a technical perspective.

So, we decided not to join them, but to beat them, and actually give clients the website they want and need.

Our latest creations:

What do you do differently?

We keep a small, select number of partners we have worked with for a long time and who have never let us down.

Since we know these people and their work well, we bring to them only web development projects we know they can deliver on, and that they will actually want.

We would also have an idea of the budget you have in mind, so we can use that knowledge to guide you to the right team for you.

After all, we get it; there’s a market for all kinds and prices of websites, much like there’s a market for both a VW Polo, and a Ferrari 458.

Lastly, we understand that you and I speak a different language to designers and developers. Luckily, we have a handy dictionary that helps us understand everyone involved, you the project owner, and the people in charge of building the site. This way, we keep everyone happy, smiling, and satisfied.


How does it work?

We have a procedure we like to go with here:

  • We understand what you need.
  • We broker introductions, with more than one partner of ours if needed.
  • You make your choice, and we’ll guide you with our experience too.
  • We project manage the website for you, ensuring that nothing is forgotten, all content is written, no pages missed, and be your point-of-contact with the team building your site.
  • We review the handover
  • You get training in how to use your brand new website.

We’ll build you a proper site!

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