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Small agency, big punch

To Cut A Long Story Short

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When founder Mark Debono started Systemato back in 2011, he was unsure of what the goal was, but certain of what it was not. It basically was a case of, “I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t want”.

As time went on, our clients became bigger and more impressive, and we got better and better at our work. And we found out what we wanted.

We went from providing one or two pieces of content, to developing and rewriting entire websites; from sending out a single email shot, to handling the marketing for a Michelin star restaurant, a healthcare group, and a bunch of other clients, and creating new brands of our own along the way too.

First quality, then quantity

That means we don’t take on too many projects at the same time. This way we can give each of our clients the best service and results.

Our services cover everything digital, from web development and e-commerce to planning and executing all kinds of online marketing efforts, or managing social media and campaigns.

We write search-engine-friendly content for your site that will get you organic traffic, blog posts that keep people coming back, email newsletters that convert, and social content and video you just have to heart, or like.

Working remotely? We’ve only been doing it for 10+ years

We’ve never owned office space and we’re not interested in having any. Our staff work freely wherever they find a solid surface to rest their laptops and an internet connection to connect to the world.

In practice, this means we often work from home, but our records show that our people have actually uploaded work from beaches, cafes, waiting rooms, and airports. As long as it’s done correctly and on time, we’re A-OK with it!

With zero overheads and property maintenance to contend with, our team is as lean as can be. You’ll never pay for fancy coffee machine pods or bean bags because there’s no bloat to be found in the way we run our business. Instead, you get fairly priced work, flexible delivery times, and a creative team that doesn’t just think outside the box, we straight up refuse to work inside one!

You could call us a digital agency, but we’re really more "digital" than “agency”

Because we work online all the time, Systemato is unlike most agencies. Our business happens almost 100% on the internet, so, what about the human touch?

As a team we’re pretty much all in the same age bracket and digital natives to the bone; while we love the freedom that working online gives us, we still make time to meet our clients and organise co-working events whenever possible.

We also recognise that massive teams may find it difficult to coordinate everything working fully remote, which is why we purposely choose to stay small.

What we lack in numbers, we make up with big knowledge and sharp skills in all areas of digital marketing and creative work.

Despite our Millenial/Gen Z looks, we’ve amassed enough digital marketing experience to handle jobs for a wide variety of industries—just take a look at our clients for proof. We focus on what we know and we don’t learn on the job at your expense.

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