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Digital Marketing

Not just a song and dance

Digital marketing without tears

Solutions that fit your budget and work for your brand.


We build online marketing strategies and solutions for B2C and B2B clients using all we’ve learnt about success with digital to guide and inform our decisions.


Our proven track record in setting up and handling digital campaigns has helped us to develop an eye for excellent, effective digital marketing.


Using a properly planned digital marketing strategy, Google Ads, content writing, and social media, we increased traffic to a client’s website by 2,165%, in one year. But who’s counting?


Our strength lies in pooling the people likely to respond to your marketing efforts, and get them to sign up, try a demo, book a consultation, or order a product online.

Why do you need us for digital marketing?

Our clients come to us for custom online marketing plans which explore all possible digital options and online marketing channels. We give them solutions that fit their budget and work for their brand.

We make no bones about the fact that we live and breathe digital marketing all day, and have been for years.

Let us be the engineers and mechanics of your digital marketing campaigns. We’d love to grab a coffee or take a call to explain how to use the different options and channels to your greatest advantage.

The fact is that you know your business far better than we could ever possibly hope to. That’s no bad thing; surely, that’s the way things should be.

Whether you sell cars, kitchens, holidays, or medical services, we won’t teach you how to sell to clients; you know that already! But we will get your product, service, or company in front of the people you want to reach so that you can go in for the sale.

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Digital marketing without tears

We know how hectic planning and executing a digital marketing campaign can feel, especially if it’s your first one and you’re marketing a product or service that’s never been seen before by your audience.

After more than ten years in the business, we at Systemato can say that we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to take the stress out of your online marketing efforts.

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We have worked with Systemato for our online promotions, marketing and communication campaigns for the past 3 years. As we have got to know each other better, we are pleased to say that we have come to consider Mark and his team as our ‘partners’. As part of Systemato’s work ethic they take the time and the interest to understand our services and capabilities and then create specific targeted communication campaigns that convey the message that reflects our ‘raison d’etre’ in the most accurate way possible. Keep up the good work guys!

Jean Muscat, CEOSaint James Hospital