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Canada’s #1 guide to online casinos raised the stakes with 300 reviews in 30 days.

Top casinos. Top slots.

Moving houses is tricky business and so is the online equivalent, which is migrating your website onto a new platform. With a compendium of hundreds of articles on their site, needed someone they could trust to ensure a smooth transfer to a new design and back-end. was launched in 2013 with the aim of helping Canadian players make smart, informed choices about which online casinos they should spend their hard-earned loonies for a shot at the big jackpot. By using an extensive checklist of critical factors that ensure player safety, operator reputation and gameplay experience, the reviewers at can pinpoint with extreme reliability the top casino sites with the best offers for the Canadian market.

“Mark is a focused and talented copywriter. He engaged immediately with our team and project and developed excellently written content that fitted precisely with our brand positioning.”

Antonella Cachia
Marketing Executive, 6PM Solutions

Wax on, wax off.

It’s always a privilege to be allowed inside a client’s online inner sanctum, in this case their WordPress back-end. Our content team set up a “bucket brigade” system to deal in the most efficient way with a project that required sustained levels of concentration to meticulously edit, rewrite, expand and upload 300 individual reviews.

Systemato delivered a steady stream of revised articles over a period of 30 days. The entire project was completed before Christmas season, giving a chance to begin the new year by launching a revamped internet presence. But the speedy turnaround was only one part of the overall success, the client was equally impressed by our ability to offer an end-to-end service that saw us download the source text, edit, upload and publish the new version with practically zero input from their side. In other words, a totally hands-free content publishing experience.

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