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Getting Cerberus ahead–or three–on marketing

This is no shaggy-dog story!

Local software startup set to change the casino backend

Cerberus is a software company founded by a group of software engineers who worked in iGaming who share a common vision for a platform that unifies all aspects of managing an online casino… as well as a deep dislike for inefficiency, bureaucracy and all kinds of operational time-wasters.

Their mission is to deliver the best possible tech solution to casino operators that ensures simplicity, scalability and security. Their innovative approach breaks down all the essential functions of running an online gaming property into separate modules which can be deployed by themselves or integrated into a holistic system.

“Mark is a focused and talented copywriter. He engaged immediately with our team and project and developed excellently written content that fitted precisely with our brand positioning.”

Antonella Cachia
Marketing Executive, 6PM Solutions

A constellation of services by our all-star team

As a digital creative agency, with one foot firmly planted in marketing and the other in digital media, we’ve always been closely involved in the local tech startup scene and we enjoy working with new players in this sector. Cerberus came to us with a hot product that was already in a fairly advanced stage of development, but that was lagging behind in terms of marketing clout.

We quickly put together a plan that comprised copy, design and social media – giving a startup on the rise the tools it needed to engage with prospective clients more effectively. Among other things, Systemato did to assist Cerberus in its mission: we wrote the texts for brochures about individual modules of their platform, created design assets to promote their product offering, and prepared a social media plan and strategy to raise the startup’s profile among potential users.

Services Provided

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Writing


Social Media Marketing

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