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Online Ads for Domain Academy

Working our magic on Google Ads

Calling the Google Ads Experts

Domain Academy is part of Domain Group and is a leading education provider specializing in helping both local and international students to reach their academic goals. The institute is partnered with the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Derby, both located in the UK.

The people at Domain Academy called us in to maximise their marketing efforts and fill intake for an MBA offered by one of its partners. So what did we do? We worked our Google Ads magic.

“Mark is a focused and talented copywriter. He engaged immediately with our team and project and developed excellently written content that fitted precisely with our brand positioning.”

Antonella Cachia
Marketing Executive, 6PM Solutions

926,000 (great) impressions

After meeting with our client to identify their goals and set up a timeline, we got to work on creating a tailor-made campaign that would work alongside their existing campaigns to make sure that they could boost visibility and fill as many spaces on the MBA as possible in just nine weeks.

We saw 7,000 clicks, almost 4,000 unique landing page views and a 3% conversion rate – great numbers for a product that requires a higher level of investment in terms of time and money from a customer’s perspective, resulting in a longer decision-making process. Job done

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Advertising

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