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Slot reviews for the discerning gambler

Services provided: content writing

Systemato & GentingBet.

GentingBet Casino is a leading online casino based in Malta which offers a vast array of innovative games such as video slots, jackpots, and table games. This operator has partnered with the likes of NetEnt and Play’n GO to bring players the very best of casino gaming online, including the hottest new titles and a few timeless classics as well.

Throw in their generous welcome promotions to the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe to entice high-rollers and players who are looking for more thrills than the average site can deliver.

With a firm commitment to cultivating a prestigious and exclusive brand, it was only natural that GentingBet would seek out the best wordsmiths to craft original, authoritative, and keyworded reviews and game descriptions for online slots.

Services Provided

Hitting the content jackpot with Systemato.

Our field-tested content writing protocol kicked into action the moment the client sent in the list of slot games, the first batch of many orders they would submit in the following months. Just like clockwork, the Systemato team mobilised itself to rise up to the challenge and deliver the order in record time and according to specifications.

After the initial brief writing and research phase, our tightly-knit coterie of copywriters picked up the baton and did their magic on the sizable batches of articles the client assigned. No project is too daunting when you can rely on a tried-and-tested system! Following the completion of each article, we carried out our customary SEO and copy proofing checks, making sure to dot our i’s and cross our t’s, prior to submitting the final result to the client.

Systemato’s collaboration with GentingBet extended over several months. During this period, our content team was entrusted with briefs for dozens of high-quality reviews which we were able to produce with the minimum of revisions necessary thanks to our broad experience in writing for online casinos and the remote gaming industry in general.

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