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La Mère

Fresh, homemade dishes from the canon of traditional Indian, Arabian, and Mediterranean food.

La Mère

Running a restaurant must be one of the most demanding jobs in the world, especially if you’re also the one in charge creating one culinary masterpiece after the other on demand in the kitchen. Like the true jefe that he is, Chef Patron Clinton Cachia has built a solid reputation for La Mère in Valletta by taking patrons on a delightful journey through the cuisines of three different cultures.

“Cook me up something nice!”

Systemato served up all the words in La Mère’s beautifully redesigned menus. Just like Chef Clinton is committed to use only the finest ingredients in his work, our professional copywriters picked the right words from their mental pantry to describe concisely and precisely the myriad dishes on offer and capture the eclectic spirit of this restaurant.

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