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Impressive tech needs a suitable home

A fintech pioneer

MeDirect is a bank based in Malta and with a presence in Belgium. The bank is Maltese by heart, international by design, and direct by name and nature.

MeDirect offers mutual funds and fixed term deposit accounts, corporate services, wealth management, home loans and all other kinds of financial services to the Maltese and Belgian markets. 

Banking on hi-tech

As a tech driven financial institution MeDirect takes pride in their innovations in technology. Systemato was engaged by MeDirect to develop their technology blog on Essentially what this blog does is provide a platform to the MeDirect development and operations teams to expose the revolutionary fintech and wealth-tech work that they carry out. 

We rose to this challenge, developing a clean, minimal, and content focused blog design, based on existing MeDirect branding principles. 

We developed, implemented, and launched this blog in record time, while carrying out stakeholder interviews and related research for the writing of highly detailed and tech-driven content regarding MeDirect’s journey within technology. The result is a highly detailed and informative tech blog that serves not only to show off MeDirect’s technical prowess, but also seeks to be a magnet to capture the attention of highly skilled tech workers, so as to position MeDirect as the eminent employer of choice for anyone wanting a fulfilling and rewarding career within fintech. 

Hiring for success

In addition to developing, Systemato was also engaged by MeDirect to produce a promotional video aimed at grabbing the attention of highly skilled, technical people, and encourage them to apply to one of the many open positions within the bank’s technical teams.

The production process involved scripting around half of the video, and preparing questions to be asked of the MeDirect team members who themselves are the best ambassadors for working at MeDirect.

On the day, we had to think quick and on our feet, as illness prevented some team members from attending, however with the help of HR, we soon had enough volunteers to interview, as well as film within the offices.

A few weeks after, the promo video started making the rounds, and you can watch it here on the left.

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