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Onepercent Group

Designs and solutions that complement clients' lifestyles.

Onepercent Group

Onepercent is a furniture importer and retailer catering to the wealthy and discreet. With super high end brands on sale, Onepercent needed someone to help them flog the merchandise, while keeping communications classy and to the very essence of discretion.

Trickle down

Systemato managed Onepercent’s email marketing, whereby we create the content (hand in hand with top management), manage email lists intelligently and in keeping with industry best practices, and then distribute emails through a fast and efficient service, optimising for higher open rates, more clicks, and most importantly, more foot traffic to Onepercent Group’s showroom.

In addition, we provided comprehensive reporting as to the performance of each email sendout, such that we may measure our successes, optimise, and do better next time.

Services Provided

Email Marketing

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