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Panda Design

We wrote copy for events, restaurants, and other uses, leaving Panda smiling every time.

Panda Design

Panda is a boutique design studio based in Malta, the brainchild of brothers Miguel and Andrew Cachia. Carrying out diverse work such as branding, print design, web design and illustration, the Cachia brothers intend for Panda to create highly usable, good looking and original designs which reflect their chilled out personality.

“We just love working with Mark and his team, which is why they are our trusted collaborators for our copywriting and marketing needs, whether it’s for us or our clients. Mark has a knack for understanding what we have in mind, which makes it so easy to work with and combine with our design concepts.”

Miguel Cachia
Chief Panda, Panda Design

We ♥ you Panda, like Panda ♥ bamboo

Panda have chosen Systemato to be a trusted partner in the creation of copy both for Panda’s own projects, as well as those of Panda’s clients. We provide high quality, unique content to Panda to use for their own sites, as well as content created for their clients, be it web content or print.

Services Provided

Content Writing

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