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Live longer, healthier, and happier with a healthy gut.


ProBion is the brainchild of Dr Lennart Cedgård and his team at Wasa Medicals, based in Sweden. The science behind each pill inside a ProBion vial has been four decades in the making; thanks to the painstaking research of Dr Cedgård, the friendly bacterial colonies living inside the pills live longer and have a prolonged beneficial effects on your guts, and indeed your whole body.

Go with your gut.

Like the microbes carried inside ProBion pills, the words our content writers choose may be small, but in the right combination they can pack a powerful punch that pushes the right buttons for customers to hit BUY.

Our team was tasked with the complete revamp of the company website, their presence on social media and the Amazon marketplace. By combining the client’s research and our own technical writers’ savvy in scientific matters, we worked long and hard to produce several webpages’ worth of highly readable content that’s backed up by solid science.

The ultimate goal was to target consumers who are looking for an all-natural solution, which restores intestinal balances and alleviates many health conditions associated with modern lifestyles.

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