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Projet Noir

High fashion for brands.

Projet Noir

Based at Smart City in Malta, Project Noir is a boutique creative agency with a fresh outlook and innovative approach to branding, design and digital marketing.

“ The Systemato team always execute our briefs perfectly, professionally and on time. Their copy, both for online and print, always manages to capture our target audiences’ attention, and we highly recommend their work.”

Erika Izzo
Director, Projet Noir

We like you like we like our coffee; black

So far in our lengthy collaboration with Projet Noir, we’ve provided our content services to this talented agency, offering our best practice advice, as well as a content audit.

The content audit ensured that the content on Projet Noir’s website reads well, is engaging and also projects the professional image that Projet Noir has been able to maintain since its inception. Placing a strong focus on SEO, we were able to develop compelling and effective content that is ideal for widespread digital use.

In addition, we have collaborated with Projet Noir on a huge number of projects, mainly writing content for their own clients, assisting with social media consultancy, and carrying out email marketing efforts.

Services Provided

Content Writing

Email Marketing

Content Strategy

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