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Stella's Garden Centre

A green-thumb's idea of heaven

Services provided: video production

A stellar garden centre.

Stella’s Garden Centre is an enormous and truly impressive setup for anyone who has a single plant, a patch of soil, or tumolo upon tumolo of cropland.

Based in the rural heart of Malta between Żebbuġ and Rabat, Stella’s Garden Centre is the best place around to get home grown seedlings, flowering plants, fruit trees, olive and citrus trees, and anything you could possibly need that goes in the soil.

Services Provided

Greenhouse goodies galore.

This was one of the quickest jobs we ever planned; phone call on a Friday – “Can you come film on Monday?”

“Sure”, we said, “No problem.”

On Sunday, Mark gets sick. Deciding to stay away from people, he asks a friend and colleague to fill in, and confirms with the client this is agreeable. Go ahead, says the client.

On Monday the friend films, drops off the footage at Mark’s, where it was edited by evening, finalised and exported by Tuesday morning, approved by client and on TV by Wednesday evening.

No fuss, no muss – quick and easy video production when and as you need it 😉

Plant a seed, see what grows

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