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The Majlis - Cultures In Dialogue

The Majlis – Cultures in Dialogue was a stunning exhibition of objets d’art and a number of other delicate artifacts, hosted in the Grandmasters’ Palace in Valletta. This unique, travelling exhibition aimed to encourage intercultural dialogue by showing the vast expanse of connections between different cultures throughout histories and across countries.

At Systemato, we’re proud to have a few history buffs among us, so we were beyond excited to get to work on making sure The Majlis stood centre stage.

“Mark is a focused and talented copywriter. He engaged immediately with our team and project and developed excellently written content that fitted precisely with our brand positioning.”

Antonella Cachia
Marketing Executive, 6PM Solutions

Let’s get down to business

Within just a few days, we crafted a comprehensive digital strategy, mapped out all the necessary content, and set up social media pages across Facebook, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, and Twitter. We took care of everything from content ideation to writing posts across social media, sorting out photography, and driving engagement across all platforms. Phew!

Press and VIPs

September 17th saw the official opening of The Majlis – Cultures in Dialogue exhibition. We prepared the invitation list for the event and went the extra mile by turning up just to shoot some exclusive photos for our client.

Staying connected

The Majlis needed a WiFi check-in zone sorted ASAP – so we liaised with the good people at HandsOn Systems to set that up. From client request to execution, Systemato handled this in 2 hours flat, on a weekend. Ain’t nobody got time to waste.

Services Provided

Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Writing


Social Media Marketing

Online Advertising

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