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Y Ltd

PR, marketing, and an expanding range of courses.

Y Ltd – Public Relations Services

Y Ltd is a fast growing public relations and marketing services company in Malta. Together with its managing director, Gordon Pace, we developed a foolproof skeleton for a digital media marketing course. By offering best practice advice, consultancy and assistance with digital media marketing, Y Ltd was able to offer this course to its clientele.

“Mark helped in making the most of a PR strategy I was working on. His input helped me get in contact with a specific target audience and allowed me to monitor the campaign’s success.

I found him to be both professional in his approach and reliable. Two qualities which are crucial when delivering a service. Will surely work together again soon.”

Gordon Pace
Managing Director, Y Ltd

X + Y

We’ve also been helping Y with a number of email marketing campaigns, planning, designing, writing and editing and sending of newsletters out to large lists in order to reach Y’s vast portfolio of clients and contacts. We also carry out reporting on the success of email campaigns, then optimise future efforts in keeping with our findings.

Lastly, we also helped Y Ltd with the creation and delivery of a specialised course, taught over 5 evenings, which delved into the subject of digital marketing, particularly for small to medium business. The course covered the basics of a number of tools, including those used for email marketing, web analytics, social media management, content management systems, and more, as well as best practices distilled from our years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

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