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Big Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Predict how the cookie crumbles

Let’s crunch some data

Turn data into knowledge into action


Automated data analysis gathers information from your customers’ behaviour and shows you opportunities for marketing growth.


The power of Big Data can be harnessed effectively by companies in any industry.


Machine learning is an advanced technology that learns from past input and adapts to your exact needs.


Combine cutting-edge statistical research with the platforms you already know and use to manage your business.

Endless insights to fine-tune your enterprise

Big Data and Machine Learning are hot topics in the tech industry, but things get infinitely more interesting when you begin digging into their practical applications for streamlining and transforming your business.

Systemato can set up bespoke big data applications that automatically track and analyse information from various digital touchpoints of your business, and quickly return actionable knowledge that includes big-picture engagement patterns, forecasting customer purchasing trends, and endless insights that help you fine-tune every aspect of your enterprise.

We know a thing or two about that, having had a hand in launching Malta’s first-ever AI-powered property website, Take a chance on learning something new about your business and discover just how smart your website can be with the right tools. Get in touch with our data-crunching experts today.

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