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Brand Naming_

Let us put a name to the face.

Why would I need a great name?

Having a great name is having an unfair advantage over your competition right from the get go, so leave the thinking and ruminating to us.

We’ll capture the essence of who you are, the image you want to project, and thus evoke the right emotions within your target audience; creating the momentum and instant memories you so crave.

Your name is your identity in today’s tough markets. It has to be catchy, memorable, and if possible, also be an interesting conversation starter. It has to do all this whilst standing for the whole of the iceberg that is your venture.

Any good brand naming services firm should be able to see beneath the sea, and gaze into what you’re truly standing on and stand for.

A good name, in this case, SpaceX, lets you shoot off while your competition is still tying their laces.

A good name, in this case, SpaceX, lets you shoot off while your competition is still tying their laces.

What’s in a name?

We’re all about words and their meanings, and from experience, we understand that choosing an effective name to define your brainchild or business is not the easiest of tasks (check out our About page to see what Systemato means).

We like simple names here, because simplicity is harder to forget. If we look past the incredibly good names of companies such as Apple and Facebook, how about WhatsApp for a great name? The ‘i’ prefix was a brilliant choice by Apple too, though there are far too many copycats now. Virgin, that’s another great name.

We can make this fundamental step that much easier for you – although of course, you’ll still have loads of creative input and a metric tonne of choices, if that’s what you’d like!

What exactly will your brand naming services do for me?

We have a 5-point naming principle here:

  • The name has to ‘stick’. If it don’t stick, it won’t tick.
  • How long is it? Can we make it shorter and still keep its sense? If we can, we will.
  • Does it describe the product, company or service? Sometimes a name is sticky, short and sweet, but it just doesn’t fit. We only do right fits here.
  • Does it exist, and does it have to? Systemato is made up. Gizmodo is made up, Mashable too, Google also, and Mozilla. Why shouldn’t you invent a new word for your name if that’s what works for you?
  • Is there a story behind it? And if there is no story, can we create one?

We’ll find you a name that sticks!

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