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‘L-ewwel ma tiekol l-għajn’ – a Maltese idiom that perfectly captures why good design is crucial to great marketing (as well as Malta’s obsession with food). Literally translated as the eye eats first, it basically means that first impressions count. Big time.

If you’re going to the trouble of marketing your brand then the only thing you want is to create a connection using memorable visuals. We won’t bother asking you what kind of first impression you want to leave your audience with; we’ll assume a good one is what you’re after.

We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what kind of image you want to project, taking branding, colours, photography, illustration and even humour into consideration as we develop your visual style.


Concept Art

If you’re just starting up or wanting to shake things up, we can help you conceive a whole new look, from logo design and branding, to campaigns and adaptions.

Social Media Assets

Capture your audience’s attention with eye-catching posts and memorable stories.

Email Templates

Newsletters only work as well as they look – we’ll help you send out clearly laid-out and attractive emails to your subscribers.

Web Banners

You’re going to need snappy ads if you want to get those clicks, whether your ads are on sites of your choice or on Google.

Website Design

Your website is your mark on the world wide web – and we have just the team to help with this, from start to finish.


Leaflets & Flyers

Want to get your message out there in print? Look no further! With our design and content teams, we can help you produce impactful printed ads

Business Cards

Rectangular, square, spot-gloss or gold foil, impress your clients with the fanciest business cards on the islands.


Set the hype for your upcoming event sky-high with eye-catching and memorable invites.


Get your message on t-shirts, mugs, keychains and stickers. Got a better idea? We can’t wait to hear it!


Want to see your words black on white? Our trained designers can assist with the typesetting and publication of printed books and e-books.

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