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Branding & Design

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Showing off your best side

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Leave your mark stamped in your clients’ brains with branding designed to make an impact and be memorable as it represents your company.

Web banners

You’re going to need snappy ads if you want to get those clicks, whether your ads are on sites of your choice or on Google.


Our design team can create leaflets and flyers, business cards, stationery, and merchandise sporting your brand.

Stand out and apart

With the right design, any brand can effortlessly stay on message and on point to cultivate the right kind of emotional response from its followers and clients. Consider design as the “body language” of your brand—is it warm, humorous, sassy, smart?

With the appropriate graphical and visual cues, you can easily distinguish yourself from the competition in a crowded marketplace and attract like-minded people who would benefit most from being associated with your brand.

Consistency is key with branding, and our professional designers will guide you through in creating a look that sends all the right signals to your customers online, in print, and in person.

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Let’s design your brand together

“L-ewwel ma tiekol l-għajn” – a Maltese idiom which literally translates as ‘the eye eats first’. It basically means that first impressions count. Big time.

If you’re going to the trouble of marketing your brand then the only thing you want is to create a connection using memorable visuals. We won’t bother asking you what kind of first impression you want to leave your audience with; we’ll assume a good one is what you’re after.

We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what kind of image you want to project, taking branding, colours, photography, illustration and even humour into consideration as we develop your visual style.

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Let’s design your future together

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Working with these guys was easier than a walk in the park. They understood exactly what I had in mind and delivered that and much more.

Clint BennettiBennetti Consulting

Mark and his team also helped me stand out and give my website a form of branding by creating a logo for me. We spoke about what I wanted and they played around with my ideas (and their creativity of course) until I was happy that the logo represented me. Easy peasy.

Miriam Calleja

From the moment we said go, your team worked non-stop to make the ideas we had on paper a reality. We have received words of praise from several international travel agents on numerous occasions. We are so grateful for your professional yet friendly demeanour throughout our project.

Louise Pullicino, General ManagerP&A Sullivan