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You cannot ignore social media these days

Forget PR agencies and their practices of yesteryear – today, your reputation is made or broken on social media.

When all this social media malarkey was just starting out, we were already working with a huge online company, but they made the ill-advised decision of steering clear of social networks ‘for now’. They were hammered on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere – and they had no way to combat this.

The moral of the story is that today you don’t get to choose whether your company or brand maintains a presence on social media; it’s already there. And with every unaddressed complaint people post about you and your brand, you’re only sliding down lower into social media infamy.

Be a social media superstar

The social world is all encompassing, from Facebook pages for brands and companies, Instagram, LinkedIn company profiles, Twitter feeds and more. This might seem confusing to the uninitiated, but it’s not; it’s all about starting and maintaining a dialogue with your audience.

Systemato can provide extensive social media strategies to get you set up and started with social media. We can also plan and execute social media marketing plans on your behalf. We provide a number of different packages to do this for you, so get in touch with us today and tell us what you need.

Social Media Marketing Plans

We will establish what your goals for social media are, for example to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic, physical visits to a business, or simply to increase business. We then take into consideration your budget, time constraints and resources. Finally, we will provide regular reports to make sure we’re meeting your objectives.

The extent of our involvement in your campaign is entirely up to you. Whether you just want us to run a straightforward ad campaign on Facebook, or to completely manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, we will approach the task with commitment and creativity.

Social Media Account Management

We manage your different social media profiles in an organised, streamlined way, freeing up time for you to work on other parts of your business. We will update your platforms on a regular basis, and scour the Internet for content, be it a funny video or an informative article, that we think your customers would find interesting.

We monitor brand mentions, letting you know what the Internet thinks of you and allowing you to make changes to your strategy where appropriate. By monitoring your customers’ comments, we will engage with them in a way that’s consistent with your pre-established communication strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Nothing beats a personal recommendation – particularly when it’s coming from someone you follow and admire. Influencer marketing is a great way to give your brand extra exposure, as well as push your products and services to a niche audience.

All you have to do is tell us what you want to achieve, and we can help you source the right influencer for your brand. Beyond this, we’ll work closely with your influencer of choice to develop and carry out a campaign dedicated to reaching your target audience and raising your profile.

Facebook Management & Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be set up by anyone, but in most cases they’re set up poorly and never offer any visible ROI. We’ve been advertising on Facebook since 2007 and have seen the rise and rise of the mighty Facebook Ads platform.

Systemato can setup your Facebook ads in a way that drives useful traffic to your business and lead to sales, while keeping a tight rein on costs. Apart from that, we also run our clients’ Facebook pages from A to Z, researching, creating content, reporting, and optimising posts to ensure they get the most impressions and user engagement.

Instagram Management & Advertising

Instagram is no longer the new kid on the block, and its user base is huge, and importantly, reachable through the Facebook Ads interface.

We run Instagram accounts for ourselves and our clients, so we know what content works, what hashtags to target, and who the influencers are. We also run Instagram Adverts, in conjunction with Facebook Ads campaigns, or independently of them.

LinkedIn Management & Advertising

The professional’s social network is a very good avenue to publish, promote, and advertise services or products on. We have experience running various LinkedIn pages, groups, and advertising campaigns and can help you formulate your LinkedIn marketing campaign as well as optimise and manage the whole thing for you.

We also research the preeminent LinkedIn groups and communities in your industry so as to draw influencers towards your content and products.

Twitter Management & Advertising

Tell me all about you, in 140 characters or less. The premise seems absurd, but Twitter’s success certainly puts paid to that notion.

We’ve been tweeting since long before it was fashionable, and we understand the essence of the tweet. Let us turn Twitter around for you, #forreal.

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