The Systemato Team

The Systemato team is intentionally small. We choose people we trust, people we like and people who know their business.

If the three criteria above aren’t met, we don’t want that person here at Systemato.

We are in the business of getting things done, not of looking pretty and pretending to work.

We leave that kind of stuff to others. With that in mind, let’s not stand on ceremony and introduce the Systemato team!

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Mark Debono

Came up with the name ‘Systemato’.

Mark is a full time copywriter with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Psychology from the University of Malta. He has been reading since he could make letters out.

Mark runs Systemato with the help of a number of trusted individuals who each assist in the areas they specialise in. Expert or budding writers, translators, web and graphic designers and specialists in other areas frequently contribute to projects undertaken by Systemato.

In a past life Mark was an advertising account manager with a proven high volume sales track record and extensive experience in online advertising, including paid web advertising, PPC and advertising on Social Media. Today, Mark is an online marketing consultant, consultant copywriter and freelance writer with a penchant for technology, the internet, blogging, copywriting and faultless grammar.

Mark’s writing specialties include writing for the web, email newsletters and email marketing, ghost-writing, proofing of content, content for iGaming sites/products, techy writing and writing for blogs. His goal when writing is to create powerful, keyword-laden content for creatives, newsletters and websites to help make sites work at healthy ROI. He likes to put it another way, saying of his work, “I write words that hug the reader!‘

Outside work hours, Mark plays bass in death metal band Loathe, practices martial arts, and has an unhealthy obsession with Breaking Bad, Blackadder and The Thick Of It.

See Mark’s CV on LinkedIn –

David Mallia

The left hand & company brain.

David is a full-time marketing executive and copywriter with a passion for digital entrepreneurship.

David completed three years of medical school before realising that being a doctor was not his calling in life, and so decided to change tack completely. Since then, David has embarked on a number of projects related to his much loved areas of writing and technology.

David graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Malta. He also holds certificates in behavioural sciences and psychotherapy.

A clear thinker and a very articulate writer, David helps out by writing copy and carrying out research tasks for Systemato and our clients.

Diane Brincat

The Word Specialist

Over the years Diane has become a word specialist – she reads words, writes them and checks them, but the last one tends to happen involuntarily. Following the completion of a BA Honours in English and an MA in Publishing, from Oxford Brookes University no less, Diane is now a freelance copyeditor and general publishing buff.

Aside from her formal education, Diane credits most of what she knows to a well-spent youth firmly fixed in front of electronic devices of all kinds, many years of drama tuition, lots of prancing around on stage, as well as three marvellous years where she not only worked as an editorial assistant, but also became an active member of the Department of English Students’ Association at the University of Malta. At Systemato, Diane edits prodigious amounts of copy in double time, making sure that it all passes muster, and helps out with writing sometimes as well.

But all work and no play makes Diane a dull girl. While a book is never out of reach and music is always blaring through speakers or a pair of earphones, you’re most likely to find Diane cooking, baking or eating (sometimes all at once), as well as running wild out in civilisation, most likely looking for somewhere… to eat. In fact, even in her photo on this very page, Diane is looking past the camera at a corner crêperie that caught her eye and made her tummy rumble.

Ben Mifsud Joslin

The One With The Deep Laugh

Ben is a copywriter with a versatile writing style and is always willing to adapt according to the needs of clients. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in English, Media, and Culture.

His love for the English language developed soon after his brief tenure in the womb. He is a keen advocate of fancy words nobody else wants to use, avoiding comma splice, and the Oxford comma. You may have noticed that already. Having tried his hand early on in the business by taking on jobs for a few pals, Ben quickly found that his forte is content writing and editing.

When he’s not working, studying, or reading, Ben likes to indulge in his passion for music. A bass player always looking to be productive in his personal projects, Ben is keen enthusiast of various genres, ranging from jazz, metal, post-rock, and all else in between. He is also (shamelessly) a fan of cartoons such as Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, and Rick and Morty. Don’t hold that against him.

Tia Reljic

The Animal Lover

Tia is a student reading for a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies, and a social media junkie. As a millennial having read far too much far too young, she became aware of her aptness for writing when fellow school friends started casually throwing all sorts of work her way – mainly asking for corrections and advice of a literary nature.

As these friends got older, Tia graduated —of course— to being in charge of proofreading their theses, conveniently learning a thing or two about various areas of study in the process. After this, with some work to show, she took up ghostwriting and freelance copywriting. Tia also has some experience in teaching which has further equipped her for instinctive editing and overall creative work—something she hopes to do much of at Systemato.

As an escape from all the words (gasp!) she likes to dabble in film photography from time to time. Politically minded and environmentally conscious, she spends a lot of her spare time discussing literature and plant-based lifestyles whilst furiously petting all animals in sight.

Antoine Borg Micallef

Our Resident Bearded Hipster

Antoine is an environmentalist with a clear and often mischievous writing style. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Malta and eventually landed in London where he pursued an MSc in Environment, Science and Society at University College London.

London brought with it numerous experiences, including a Research and Development internship with an environmental NGO, and volunteering opportunities on sustainability related projects. He then moved to Brussels to work with a lobby group on projects dealing with issues of youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and sustainable living practices. Antoine took a shine to the Belgian lifestyle so he returned for a Blue Book Traineeship with the European Commission as a Project Advisor trainee.

In his free time, Antoine runs a blog mainly centred on environmental issues in Malta. The experience he has attained from his blog, and the skills gained through various roles as a researcher have helped strengthen his writing capabilities. Apart from writing, Antoine considers himself to be a modest cook and baker, and is willing to try any type of bread or cake as long as it doesn’t come in a premixed box. He also loves to travel and experience cultural quirks that embody the place he is in currently in.

Teodor Reljic

The Mustachioed One

Teodor has made writing his primary business in life, and hasn’t looked back since. He can now be found scribbling away at a number of ‘passion projects’ – which at the time of writing THIS particular thing include a comic book, a movie and the sketches for a second novel, to follow his 2014 debut from Merlin Publishers, TWO.

A Culture Editor for Sunday newspaper MaltaToday since 2006, Teodor is also that same newspaper’s film critic – a practice borne out of his sneaky reading of Empire Magazine before school began each morning, and which has since blossomed into an appreciation of the critical arts in all fields… not least of all the field of English Literature, for which he now boasts both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Malta.

With fiction being his primary motor for existence but non-fiction and copywriting being how he pays the bills, Teodor makes no value judgements between one genre or form of writing and another; considering them all to be part of the same glorious, bubbling pot of wonder, entertainment and information. A sentence is a sentence is a sentence, as a famous poetess might say, and Teodor’s aim is to treat each sentence with the TLC it requires, be it in a labyrinthine work of fiction or in a slick piece of advertising copy.

And for the stuff that can find no home in his day-to- day practice, Teodor also has a blog:

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