The Systemato Team

We choose people we trust, people we like and people who know their business.

Since we work remotely, these three are necessary factors in anyone who joins us. If the three criteria above aren’t met, we don’t want that person here at Systemato.

We are in the business of getting things done, not of looking pretty and pretending to work. We leave that kind of stuff to others.

With that in mind, let’s introduce the Systemato team!

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Mark Debono

Came up with the name ‘Systemato’

Mark is a digital marketing consultant and has been reading since he could make letters out. He also read for a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Psychology from the University of Malta.

Mark runs Systemato with the help of a team of expert or budding writers, translators, web and graphic designers, PR experts, and specialists in other areas, who frequently contribute to Systemato projects.

In a past life Mark was an advertising account manager with extensive experience in online advertising, including paid web advertising, PPC and advertising on Social Media. Today, Mark is an online marketing consultant, consultant copywriter and freelance writer with a penchant for faultless grammar, remote work, and Systemato’s youngest member, Tesla.

When writing, Mark’s goal is to create powerful, keyword-laden content for creatives, newsletters and websites to help make sites work at healthy ROI. He likes to put it another way, saying of his work, “I write words that hug the reader!

Outside work hours, Mark plays bass in metal band Loathe, practices martial arts, and is obsessed with photography, food, fast cars, and Blackadder.

David Mallia

The Right Hand & Company Brain

David is a full-time marketing executive and copywriter with a passion for digital entrepreneurship.

David completed three years of medical school before realising that being a doctor was not his calling in life, and so decided to change tack completely. Since then, David has embarked on a number of projects related to his much loved areas of writing and technology.

David graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Malta. He also holds certificates in behavioural sciences and psychotherapy.

A clear thinker and a very articulate writer, David helps out by writing copy and carrying out research tasks for Systemato and our clients.

Diane Brincat

The Social Butterfly

Over the years Diane has become a word specialist – she reads words, writes them and checks them, but the last one tends to happen involuntarily. Following the completion of a BA Honours in English and an MA in Publishing, from Oxford Brookes University no less, Diane is now a digital marketing specialist and general publishing buff.

Aside from her formal education, Diane credits most of what she knows to a well-spent youth firmly fixed in front of electronic devices of all kinds, many years of drama tuition, lots of prancing around on stage, as well as three marvellous years where she not only worked as an editorial assistant, but also became an active member of the Department of English Students’ Association at the University of Malta. At Systemato, Diane edits prodigious amounts of copy in double time, making sure that it all passes muster, and helps out with writing sometimes as well.

But all work and no play makes Diane a dull girl. While a book is never out of reach and music is always blaring through speakers or a pair of earphones, you’re most likely to find Diane cooking, baking or eating (sometimes all at once), as well as running wild out in civilisation, most likely looking for somewhere… to eat. In fact, even in her photo on this very page, Diane is looking past the camera at a corner crêperie that caught her eye and made her tummy rumble.

Antoine Borg Micallef

Our Resident Bearded Hipster

Antoine is an environmentalist with a clear and often mischievous writing style. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Malta and eventually landed in London where he pursued an MSc in Environment, Science and Society at University College London.

London brought with it numerous experiences, including a Research and Development internship with an environmental NGO, and volunteering opportunities on sustainability related projects. He then moved to Brussels to work with a lobby group on projects dealing with issues of youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and sustainable living practices. Antoine took a shine to the Belgian lifestyle so he returned for a Blue Book Traineeship with the European Commission as a Project Advisor trainee.

In his free time, Antoine runs a blog mainly centred on environmental issues in Malta. The experience he has attained from his blog, and the skills gained through various roles as a researcher have helped strengthen his writing capabilities. Apart from writing, Antoine considers himself to be a modest cook and baker, and is willing to try any type of bread or cake as long as it doesn’t come in a premixed box. He also loves to travel and experience cultural quirks that embody the place he is in currently in.

Steven Edwards

The Ex-Cop Turned Writer

After 10 years as a police officer in London, Steven decided it was time to put his writing skills to a more direct use. Unconvinced that quitting his career was a big enough life change, he and his wife decided to go all in and move country as well. Malta was the obvious choice, being both the birthplace of his father in law and a land of sunshine and history (two of his favourite things).

Whilst Steven has no formal qualifications to speak of, he has a wealth of life experiences. More often than not he’s able to throw these experiences into whatever he is writing. He’s also spent a lot of time honing the craft of readable writing (and semicolon avoidance). By putting the effort into his writing, he ensures that you don’t need to put the effort into your reading. The end result, he writes like he speaks, without sounding like he’s writing how he’s speaking.

Away from writing words to be read, Steven also writes words to be acted. He is a proven screenwriter and has written scripts for TV commercials both in Malta and the U.K. He harnesses this ability best when pursuing his passion for storytelling. Whenever he has a spare moment, he’s sure to be found mulling over dialogue, or cranking out a scene for his latest pet project. Away from writing, he finds sports to be pretty all consuming. Mention Liverpool Football Club or the NFL to him and you best be willing to engage in a lengthy conversation.

Becca Bonello Ghio

The Crazy-Haired One

Becca, generally indecisive about everything, but absolutely certain of her passion for writing. A misspent childhood consisted of Becca staying up late enough to read the books her mother banned her from reading. Years spent reading vast amounts of books have lent themselves well to her writing skills.

Becca is currently studying for a degree in International Relations, and is ready to take the world by storm with only her words. Just like all wannabe politicians, her style is diplomatic and elaborate, though she likes to take things with a pinch of salt and wackiness.

Her style of writing is a projection of her style of being. Primarily, she values having fun with a solid group of people to do that with. As long as she is surrounded by people capable of discussing anything that has to do with politics, the environment, and culture, all with a good sense of humour, Becca is pretty much content.

Daniel Diosi

The Numbers Guy

Daniel is an e-commerce consultant who is responsible for advertising management, optimisation, and analytical insights at Systemato. He is passionate about understanding the goals and challenges of each client – as it is key to develop campaigns that contribute to their success both short and long-term.

Daniel holds a BSc in Tourism Economics and Marketing, and is currently studying Data Science and Strategic Management. His consulting company dCommerce supports some of the best hotels and resorts in the Maldives and in South East Asia. Daniel is a member of the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board and has also consulted for the Malta Tourism Authority, to help develop better destination marketing for Gozo – where he lives.

When not working, Daniel enjoys living a fun and easy life that includes workouts, beach, building weapons of mass destruction in Minecraft (that can wipe out an entire online world in seconds), street food and traveling. Hopelessly stuck in the 90’s technoculture, Daniel still produces acid and psytrance as a hobby artist.

Karen Tanti

Karen Tanti is a B.A. (Hons) Sociology graduate, and while all things sociological are of great interest to her, the English language is where her heart truly lies, whether it be writing, reading or teaching it. She currently works as an English teacher to students of all ages, as well as writing up content for Systemato.

Having worked as an English teacher for the past six years, as well as a freelance proofreader for some time, content writing gives Karen the opportunity to flex her skills and unleash her creative energy through the keyboard.

When not standing in front of a class or typing up content for Systemato, Karen does some writing of her own, as she is currently working on a fantasy-themed novel as well as writing poetry from time to time. She is an avid reader, loves laughing at some stand-up, indulging in a glass (or two) of red wine, and considers herself to be a crazy cat lady.

Matthew Agius

The One They Call “Wookie”

Matthew Agius knows not what he is, only what he does best – and that is write.
Raised in London, he signed up for the Parachute Regiment in the mid 2000s for a brief stint of actual physical activity before returning to Malta and becoming a sausage with a law degree.

Matt reports from the Maltese courts for MaltaToday and has written for, or collaborated with, The Sunday Times, France 24, Euronews and TRT World, amongst others. His work has also been cited in the Guardian, as he will gladly tell anyone who’ll listen.

Aside from journalisting, lawyering, and fathering, Matt spends what little time he has left over playing bass with Mistura and, when he gets the notes right, can be quite not terrible at it, too. Allegedly.

Christina Zammit La Rosa

A Failed Peter Pan

After attempting to follow in Peter Pan’s footsteps, having failed miserably at that, Christina accepted her adulthood and has somewhat embraced it.

The first step in adulthood was completing a course in Psychology, which should have resulted in obtaining a masters in Forensic Psychology, which would have led to a successful career in Forensics. That didn’t quite work out as planned, instead she got roped into helping the family business, fell in love with business in its entirety, graduated from a Masters in Business Administration and is now pursuing this path to wherever it may lead.

Christina is easily understood, but only if fed and allowed to sleep. Do so, and she’ll be your best friend. She reads a fair amount and pretends to keep updated about current affairs. She’s annoyingly observant, rather meticulous, and attempts to organise everything in sight. Here at Systemato, that’s what she’s doing; whipping us into shape and filing what falls off.

Kelly Dent

The Witty One

Kelly is a bookworm, wordsmith, and collector of comic books currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she’s studying part-time for an MLitt in Philosophy. After completing a BA Honours degree in English, she went on to read for an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism, studying hard while working as an English teacher at a local language school. Shortly before graduating, she started working as a copywriter for an international company, quickly working her way up to Senior Copywriter.

Over the years, Kelly has developed her own punchy style seasoned with just the right amount of wit and sarcasm – though she usually saves that for her blog (unless it’s called for in the brief). She can shape her writing to suit anything from a perfect press release to a carefully-crafted piece of prose; whatever the task at hand might be, she never misses a deadline.

When she’s not writing or proofreading, there’s a pretty good chance she’s playing video games, kickboxing, cooking, reading, vintage shopping or binge-watching a series like Black Mirror.

Sergio Zammit

Sergio is a creative writer who chose to experience life rather than read about it in books. On his 18th birthday, he started working for Ryanair in Belgium. Since then he has worked in a variety of different business sectors across 3 countries. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and eagerness to learn helped him to quickly settle into every new opportunity.

Along the way, Sergio got an F.D. in Management and started multiple businesses, some successful, some not so much. Nevertheless, he remains confident that through his work he can help make the world a better place. His first step was to set up a blog helping other wantepreneurs deal with common startup challenges.

Potentially suffering from a little OCD, he cannot stand unintentional unevenness and other visual faux pas in professional work. Fortunately, when he feels over stressed he can get to the nearest airfield and hop on a plane and leave his troubles behind. Sergio is, in fact, well on his way to attaining his private pilot’s license.

Christine Cassar

The Crazy Cat Lady

From a young age, Christine loved the idea of being able to create things. This is the main reason as to why she wanted to choose a line of work that allowed those abilities to shine. She has a passion for writing and photography, as well as an interest in anything related to the arts.

Ever since she got the chance to do her ERASMUS experience in Galway, Ireland, Christine started to believe that part of her spirit belongs to the Emerald Isle. So much so, after completing her BA Honours degree in English, she jetted off to Ireland once again and spent two years living in the heart of Dublin. She’s currently back in Malta, but still finds time for a visit every few months.

Christine has a way with words and an eye for detail. She tries to take her readers on a journey by making her pieces fun, yet witty enough for them to enjoy. When she’s not writing, you’ll probably find Christine hiding behind her lens, capturing anything that sparks her interest. You’ll also find her hooked on a book, looking at flights, or binge-watching shows like Friends and crime documentaries such as Making a Murderer.

Christine is also a self-confessed crazy cat lady and is especially fond of black cats. In fact, she has recently adopted her very own black cat; Hades, to join her other two cats; Marie and Alba.

Brandon Shaw

Brandon is a wordsmith with a big background in dance and martial arts. He says he can do the splits, split heads, but never splits infinitives. He studied comparative literature and philosophy and has a knack for effectively communicating complicated ideas. Some call it ‘dumbing down’, but he calls it ‘smarting up’.

In addition to his work for Systemato, Brandon has edited a volume of around thirty academic articles, is an external reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, and has a few publications of his own. When he’s not writing, you’ll find him training in the studio or kung fu school. And, yes, he can use that three-sectional staff.

Dayna Clarke

Dayna is a Senior Clinical Speech and Language Therapist by day, and writer by night. She has a number of degrees under her belt from her homeland-the UK. Most recently she completed a Masters at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her varied writing career kicked off at the age of 12, when she won BBC Teletext young writer of the year, still to this day one of her proudest accomplishments.

By day she enjoys helping people with severe language impairments, after hours she avoids people at all costs, she is incredibly introverted and finds writing fills the gap where a social life should probably fit (Good for us). Nowadays she also writes for a national newspaper and several well-known magazines, she is also a clinical educator for final year University students and provides lectures on disability studies.

But don’t worry, Dayna has no qualms about being an isolated soul, and says she gets out and is social enough at her weekly Maltese lesson. There’s no point inviting her out, she won’t turn up. Aside from a heavy interest in language, linguistics, fixing people’s problems and repetitively explaining how to pronounce her name, she enjoys travelling the world to add to her fridge magnet collection (alone of course).

Erika Formosa

Erika may be unsure about many things in life, but never her passion for literature and writing. Since she was a little girl, she has been particularly keen on poetry because of the way it allows one to say so much without really saying anything at all. Consequently, she chose to pursue a degree in English. After three years of blood, sweat, and many many tears, she can now proudly call herself an honours graduate in English with Psychology.

Erika spent a couple of years teaching English as a foreign language, and while she enjoyed helping people learn and progress, she felt like she needed to explore other options. Erika found herself working in the wonderful world of gaming and realized that she truly loved it. Nevertheless, writing still needed to be a large part of her life, and so she decided that it may in fact be possible to get the best of both worlds. Who says you can’t have the cake and eat it too?

Besides work, Erika enjoys dancing, travelling, photography, and reading up on contemporary literary criticism. One thing you must know about Erika is that she values family above all else and that her dogs are her entire world.

Vanessa Vella

The Video Expert

Vanessa is a screen creative who directs, shoots and edits moving images. She directed and produced the short films Punchline and Checkmate. She also directed several episodes of a popular Maltese TV series and worked on commercials, music videos and clips for social media.

Vanessa graduated with a BA in Media from MCAST and followed it up with an MA in Directing from MetFilm School in Berlin, where she gained more experience in the director’s craft by working with actors and crew members from around the world.

When she’s not directing the action on set or poring over footage in post, you’ll probably find Vanessa glued to her phone catching up with the latest vlogs on YouTube, listening to her favourite band Depeche Mode, or binge-watching Breaking Bad for the umpteenth time.

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