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Podcasts have boomed in the last couple of years, and Malta is catching up with a new crop of titles that have recently hit the major online aggregators.

Large media houses and individuals recording from home are pumping out hours of audio every day, with a range of genres spanning from current affairs to the most unusual and eccentric topics you could imagine.

We asked our team to recommend podcasts they enjoy listening to and share them with the world. Without further ado, here are the 15 kick-ass podcasts picked by the Systemato team.


Crtl Alt Delete is a big favourite! Topics and speakers are always super interesting and relevant to what’s going on at the moment. Emma Gannon, the woman who runs the podcast, wrote a book with the same name about growing up in a digital time and how digital technology forms a part of our culture – or for some, is the basis of our culture.”


“I’m into all things crime, so I decided to subscribe to these two after some friends suggested them to me: Crime Junkie and Real Crime Profile.


“Don’t listen to many myself, strangely, but Mir listens to My Dad Wrote a Porno while drifting off. I like that it’s actually funny, and the trio hosting it enjoy each other without seeming phoney or masturbatory. Also, you slowly get sucked in even though the novel is so terrible.”


“I’ll contribute too. I’m a sucker for the QI Elves’ No Such Thing As A Fish, Stuff You Should Know, and probably my favourite, NPR’s Planet Money, as well as Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and hours upon hours of Joe Rogan.”


“Not marketing related, but I’m fairly new to podcasts. I listen to a true-crime one called Last Podcast on the Left and a political one called Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat.”


Putumayo World Music Club. Found it thanks to the BBC World Service, which featured it for a time. It gets my vote because I love listening to non-mainstream music and learning about other cultures.”


“I’ve been listening to Toni Sant’s Mużika Mod Ieħor since the number of episodes was still in the double digits; it’s been an on-and-off companion for many years. The Joe Rogan Experience is great because I think it re-defines the art of conversation for digital times. Finally, Isles Aloud is a much-needed voice for the Left in Malta, which features essays and poetry published on the main site.”

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