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The shipping industry is all about movement – stock is shifted from warehouse to warehouse,  and containers are transported across the seven seas – until one item of that stock is lovingly placed in your very own home.

But it’s easy to forget that nearly everything we own has travelled many miles before it reaches us – and that’s exactly the inspiration behind our latest video campaign for Eurobridge.

We won’t lie, and the team at EuroBridge knows this, marketing shipping services is not easy.

As marketers we tend to gravitate towards flashy bright things with tassels on them, and realistically, shipping does not really fit the bill –  unless it’s a matter of shipping a container load full of shiny things with tassels on them.

What better way to highlight the role shipping companies play, than to show everyone exactly where their belongings come from?

Here are the 3 steps we followed to bring this video concept to life:

Step 1. Identify the ‘Need’

First, we wanted to redirect people’s perception of their everyday items. Living on such a small island,  essentially everything that we use and consume on a day-to-day basis has to be shipped to us from various destinations around the world.

Think about it, it is not that big of a stretch that something you use every day may have traveled around the world twice before it’s even complete and you can use it, let alone before it sets foot on our island.

Through this video we wanted to emphasise the bridges of commitment needed to bring high-quality merchandise of all kinds from all over the world to your door.

Shipping companies, similar to electricity or Wi-Fi, are taken for granted yet they play such a prominent but invisible role in our life. For instance, if I am moving into a new apartment and need tiles, I could easily show up at a showroom and order whichever tiles suit my fancy, but how did those tiles get to Malta in the first place?

Better yet, how did the grout between the tiles get here, or light fixtures, or your TV, your air conditioning unit, your kids’ toys, your dog’s food…see where I’m going with this?

All of these regular everyday items need to be shipped from somewhere to Malta and that is only made possible by shipping companies like EuroBridge.

Step 2. Plan, Plan, Plan

For the video itself, I’ve always wanted to film inside my friend’s townhouse, so with a location set, the client and I went on a walk around the house before shooting, and he started pointing at things that EuroBridge had actually brought to Malta themselves.

The video was quite simple to film on the day, but only because we had months of preparation and a complete storyboard of pictures identifying every single object we needed to show. Therefore when it came to the filming we literally filmed it all in a couple of hours with no complications or retakes, making editing that bit easier considering that it’s essentially a walk through a typical family house.

Through the video we identified all of the typical things that EuroBridge actually brings to Malta, from bikes to tiles, to electronics, to entertainment electronics, and essentially everything that one can imagine. By pointing these items out and mentioning where they originally came from, we were emphasising the message that if you have it in your house, EuroBridge brought it.

Step 3. Deliver (see what I did there?)

The final production was loved by the client, and we must say that we are quite proud of it, especially considering that we spent so much time making sure we got the planning right. The video was used as the cornerstone of wide-reaching brand campaign for EuroBridge, and as an ad on YouTube, it quickly reached 100K views.

With this production in the bag and more experience obtained from this video, we look forward to filming more videos that simplify and demystify our clients’ services.

If you’ve got a video in mind, we can help you out.

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