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A seriously smart ad for the SMART car

By 03/07/2013Online Marketing2 min read

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a well crafted ad. I’ve already once shared a couple of excellent print ads with you, but this time, it’s the turn of a brilliant, funny, innovative and well executed video advertisement.

We’ve all seen countless car ads throughout our lifetime, and most of them are pretty much identical to each other, a can driving in the rain (because cars look better in the rain), tearing up some empty city street or vacant country lane, while a husky voiced man extols the emotion driving this latest revolution in the automobile industry. Yawn. Seriously, the formula worked very well at first, but when every maker just copied it, it soon lost its power.

Enter the SMART car. Always smart, always innovative, always a step ahead of the curve. This ad is a truly smart ad for a smart car. Really smart. Watch it now and wait for it!

What’s so brilliant about this ad? Not only is it brilliantly executed, but it pokes fun at its own products while ever so gently prodding people who insist on driving large cars in crowded cities. And this is central to good marketing; know what you product is and what the advantages it brings about are. Once you know that, keep repeating them. Great stuff!

This smart ad for the SMART car is brilliant. As always, SMART are clever, ahead of the curve, funny and importantly, memorable when crafting their message.

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