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It’s fair to say that I know almost nothing about the subject of legal and business advisory, anti-money laundering, compliance, directorship and so on.

These are just words that I know exist and I know of their basic meaning but I really cannot go into detail about them, as it is not my job to know about these things.

It is however the job of someone like Dr. Clint Bennetti to know all about these things, just as it is our job to know all about what digital solutions our clients need.

Building a digital home for your business

Dr Bennetti came to us some time ago for a website for his consulting business. The business is successful and has a steady retinue of clients but it was decided that in order to raise the profile of the business, it was time to give it a digital home that befits the professional nature of the work Dr Bennetti does.

That is where we started off with this website, handling the project from A to Z, starting from branding Dr Bennetti’s legal practice, choice of colours, choice of icons, writing of all content for the website, designing the website itself, and essentially doing what we usually do for our clients; hold their hands from start to finish, guiding them and informing them to make the right decisions exactly in the way that Dr. Bennetti himself would do for his clients.

This was a completely painless website to develop and which only took a number of weeks from start to finish. The reason why this project proceeded so smoothly was that there was a lot of trust in between us and the client. The client understood that our recommendations are based on extensive experience in the field and a solid understanding of his own industry and what the requirements of the industry are.

So what did we learn in this project?

Aside from a whole lot about Legal Consulting & Business Advisory, Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, and Directorship, we learned, or rather reinforced, that the most important thing in a website project is to listen to what the client says, because they are literally telling you what they want at that point.

Clients tell us what they want, and we make sure that we truly understand their final objective – that’s what we deliver on.

Clients don’t always know what they want, and when they do, they might not know what they need, so we can’t just take them at their word. Because we care, and not just about billables for the project, but also about the client and their success, we get to the core of the objectives of the project and how we can create a digital workflow that aids the client. After all, what is a website if not a major part of the digital workflow?

With Bennetti, the objective was simple and it called for a “simple” no frills website. We therefore understood that someone like Dr. Bennetti does not need a flashy website with e-commerce this and e-commerce that; they need a simple, professional-looking, technically robust website that clearly explains what an advisor like Dr. Bennetti does, so that the website can act as a lead magnet for any parties interested in the services on offer and therefore fulfil, precisely, the goal the client had for it.

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