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Located inside a historic building in the heart of Valletta, Noni is a family-run restaurant home to some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine on the island. Brother-sister duo, Jonathan and Ritienne Brincat, opened their doors at the end of 2017, just days before Christmas.

The restaurant was an instant success – a fact we saw reflected online. With the Brincats’ story of hard work and culinary excellence, and gorgeous photos by Brian Grech in hand, we were ready to create content with real flavour.

The result? We saw Noni’s online presence go from zero to hero in a matter of weeks.

We take care of Noni’s social channels. That means we focus on communicating the restaurant’s character and the quality of the food through every social post, building audience engagement in the process.

Jon doing his thing in the Noni kitchen 🍴<3 #Perfectionist #FineDining #Valletta

Posted by Noni on Friday, 26 October 2018

Our food has soul, and our restaurant has soul. You can't beat a classic like this <3 #Valletta #FineDining

Posted by Noni on Thursday, 13 December 2018

Working with a restaurant is always a pleasure. People love going out, especially when that outing takes them to our stunning capital city, and they’re almost as passionate about food as Noni’s chefs are.

We created a series of posts focusing on the faces behind Noni, giving followers the chance to get to know the team.

This year we shot and released a series of videos for Noni, where food is not only at the centre, but literally brings the footage to life. We shot those videos in collaboration with Vanessa Vella, our resident director.

Vanessa artfully captured the freshness and sophistication Noni is known for frame by frame, using colour selectively to keep the focus on the high-quality ingredients the restaurant uses. The resulting videos were then promoted across Facebook and Instagram.

We won’t lie: when the product and service your client serves up are as irresistible as this, it definitely makes for a smoother ride. But living up to the incredible standards that the Noni team has set, and making sure that the world can see, feel, and almost taste through their screen isn’t easy, but at Systemato, we serve that up on a silver plate.

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