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Laser eye surgery is serious business. Surgery – and the lead up to it – is something that needs a delicate touch when it comes to the patients’ side of things.

Saint James Eye Clinic relocated to their current clinic in Birkirkara in 2016. Naturally, building trust and sustaining their already strong reputation were crucial to their continued success. Thanks to the sterling work done under the Saint James name, half the work was already done when the team got in touch with Systemato.

Changing lanes

Systemato stepped onto the scene a year into the Eye Clinic’s operations. When we started working with the people at Saint James Eye Clinic, what we found was informative but highly technical content going out to the public.

Our first task was to find a way to make that information more accessible to people who didn’t necessarily know medical lingo. Next, we’d shift the focus from what can be an intimidating prospect – laser surgery – over to the priceless moments in life they could be missing out on without perfect vision.

Vision is everything

How many books go unread because a 40-something bookworm now has to strain to catch up on the latest bestseller? How often does someone have to stop what they’re doing to fix their specs? How tedious is it to put in and take out contact lenses every day?

The “Vision is Everything” campaign was created to remind people that their hobbies are there to be enjoyed unimpeded and to the very best of their abilities. Simple, effective, and honest, this campaign got people thinking about how they could get the most out of their downtime and pursue their hobbies and passions to the max, whether that’s playing your favourite video game or scuba diving for the first time.

From your favourite tune to your next masterpiece, your vision is everything. Laser eye surgery is the most effective...

Posted by Saint James Eye Clinic on Sunday, 13 January 2019

Cross it off your bucket list

Following the same line of thought as the one that inspired our “Vision is Everything” idea, this seasonal campaign points at the bespectacled (would-be) thrill-seekers among us and says: ‘hey you! How many life-changing trips and experiences have you missed out on because of your poor eyesight?’

These campaigns saw a surge of interest in the service because they brought laser eye surgery into focus for our audience. It made something quite ‘out there’ more relatable, turning surgery into the key to a life of adventure and excitement rather than simply something to cross off your medical to-do list.


Once we’d captured the attention of those who might be on the fence about eye laser surgery, we kicked off a tailored educational campaign that would offer exclusive information direct from the experts. The concept behind this one was pretty straightforward: the more informed your audience is about a product or service you offer, the more empowered they feel to make the decision and choose your name out of the bunch. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

The Ask Your Surgeon campaign highlighted the most frequently asked questions people might have, covering everything from consultation right up to the surgery and recovery. We started with a series of text-based social posts before launching a series of videos where some of Saint James’s top surgeons reveal all there is to know about eye laser surgery in Maltese and English.

Shedding light on a topic that can be a little frightening is tricky, but together with the team at Saint James Eye Clinic we found a way to get people interested, get the conversation going, and provide peace of mind to the clinic’s followers. Job done.

Ask Our Surgeons - Mr Melvin Gouder

Meet Mr Melvin Gouder, one of our ophthalmic surgeons here at Saint James Eye Clinic. If you're thinking about getting laser eye surgery, but are worried about any age restrictions that may apply, he's got a few words of wisdom to share!

Posted by Saint James Eye Clinic on Wednesday, 6 March 2019
Ask our surgeons - Mr Francis Carbonaro

Curious about your options when it comes to laser eye surgery? Here's what you need to know, courtesy of one of our ophthalmic surgeons - Mr Francis Carbonaro.

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Introducing the Dry Eye Clinic

Dusty conditions often lead to dry eye syndrome, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn that many people in Malta are afflicted by this.

After seeing so many patients walk through their doors with complaints of dry, itchy eyes, the Eye Clinic has set up Malta’s very first dry eye clinic where patients can try a number of non-invasive treatments. We helped the clinic to communicate this new service via a short video with one of their leading surgeons.

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