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MailChimp is an incredible email marketing tool used by over 8 million people worldwide to deliver 14 billion emails every month. Systemato have just been added to the MailChimp Experts Directory—the only web marketing agency there listed from Malta.

Blog 3. Do You Make These Email Marketing Mistakes?This guy’s reason enough to sign up for your MailChimp account. (Try it here)

It is astonishing how often business owners fail to make use of the full potential of the emails they write. Few know how to write a compelling email that grips their clients the moment they see it in their inbox and irresistibly draws their clicks (and their attention) to the message enclosed within. Most of the emails that are sent by and on behalf of businesses in Malta are colourless, flat and ordinary. Their message and their design are lifeless, monotonous and humdrum.

Where most businesses go wrong

What is the reason so many business owners seem to lack the ability to write persuasive, lucid and friendly emails? Why is it that some cannot see their clients speak a language totally different from their jargon-filled corporate speak? Why do so many find themselves at a loss for simple, everyday words instead of talking about paradigm shifts, synergies, and best-of-breed? The reason for this is clear. Most business owners do not know how to write and design effective business emails simply because they never were told the proper way of doing so.

How Systemato made its way to MailChimp’s Expert Directory

The formation of any habit comes only from constant practice. We at Systemato have been writing emails and e-newsletter campaigns from the moment our company was born, five years ago. Our team members have been crafting persuasive emails long before then—whether to make their case to government departments, private companies, customers, or even academics at university! Some things we learnt by design and others by accident, but the bottom-line is that we know how to get people to read and ACT on the emails we send them.

From extending assignment deadlines to boosting your sales and customer inquiries

The same principles of persuasion in writing apply no matter the person sitting behind the screen. While we’re past our university days, we still use our email tactics to help dozens of Maltese and international businesses solve their marketing communications challenges in simple, unique and straightforward ways. But more than one-time tricks, we offer a fully-fledged and far-reaching strategy for using email marketing to nurture your prospects, get more inquiries form leads and fill up the order book. Our favourite tool to do this? MailChimp, of course. (You can try MailChimp for your business—free—here.)

It’s no secret we LOVE MailChimp.

No less than 7 emails to persuade your clients

Research has found that you need to send at least seven emails before your prospects or clients are spurred into action. Seven emails, not full of self-congratulating praise and clichés, but of fascinating information and useful insights about how your recipients will be better off by trusting you with their hard-earned money. And while you can create a free MailChimp account and write those seven emails yourself, you can just as easily borrow one of our email marketing wizards and have them do it for you. We’ve set up, strategised, and written email newsletters for a long time and for all kinds of clients, from software companies, hosting services, designer furniture shops, real estate agencies, and online gaming and gambling firms.

Our team will take care of every single detail of your email marketing campaigns

  • Provide us with your list of email addresses (which we will never divulge or share with anyone)
  • We’ll set you up with your very own MailChimp account (or you can sign up for one already)…
  • Create a template which closely matches your existing website and brand design guidelines…
  • Write all the content for your email campaign…
  • Handle send-outs and reporting

Like we said, every detail, start to finish.

Finally—an expert approach to email marketing

It is impossible, in just a single blog post, to give more than a suggestion about the huge opportunity that email marketing holds for your business. But those who are interested can get a bona fide MailChimp expert’s opinion about how to make it work for you and improve on your current email workflows. There is no obligation if you get in touch. Just send an email to Mark Debono with the subject line My 7 Emails, or call me on +356 99 834 999 during office hours to learn more about setting up your email marketing campaign with Systemato.

Try MailChimp for your business now—completely free—by signing up for an account here.

Get started with a free MailChimp email marketing account

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