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Taking your retail business online is a no brainer.

In 2020 alone, the total turnover generated by local businesses through e-commerce sales amounted to €2.1 billion. 

So why is it that some local businesses are lagging behind, with no online shop in sight? We know for a fact that adapting the supply chain to accommodate the requirements of an online retail business can be tricky; logistics and delivery cut into your profit, and keeping up with inventory admin can be a hassle without the correct system in place.

We also know that setting up an online shop requires a sizable investment for a whole new branch of business that you haven’t been able to test. It all sounds so risky.

But is it?

When thousands of consumers are turning to online retail and delivery for the almost immediate convenience it provides, wouldn’t it be more dangerous to sit on the sidelines? 

Having an online store is not only beneficial to your customers.

With the digitalisation of your retail business comes increased sales and priceless data. You no longer have to second guess your orders or your gut instinct. With a shop that is available to consumers 24/7, you are open for business all the time (even in your sleep). This means more time for new sales, new clients, and new insights that will guide the way as you implement your sales and marketing strategy.

As daunting as it may feel to set up an online retail system for your business, aren’t the missed sales and profit a bigger factor?

If there was ever a time to take the risk, this is it.

Malta has an ever more digitalised economy, especially now post-pandemic. The rise of convenience shopping and delivery options have made it not only easier, but essentially mandatory for any business looking to compete, find new market segments, and retain them. Evidence of this is the rise and rise of food delivery apps, which were but a distant dream just 24 months ago, as well as the numerous online shops that have been launched since.

On a global scale, with the ramifications of Brexit, and the huge supply chain issues as well as postal delays all around, now is the time for local businesses to compete with larger companies, such as Amazon, and beat them on a crucial measure for shoppers – convenience and speed. If Amazon Germany delivers in 3 days, but your online shop charges €5 more for the product with free delivery within 48 hours – the sale is yours to lose.

Getting your e-commerce website up and running

We don’t like to beat around the bush at Systemato, so let’s start with the inevitable first strike against setting up a new eCommerce site.


You might have heard it on the grapevine or seen it firsthand in an eye watering quote, eCommerce web development is not cheap. 

But as authorised service providers, any eCommerce project by Systemato is eligible for a maximum grant of €5,000 from the ERDF. That means that our eCommerce clients will be able to apply for funding to cover the design, development, implementation and delivery of an e-commerce website and/or a mobile application, or an upgrade of an existing website or mobile application to enable online sales/bookings. 

Did that web dev quote just get slashed by 50%? Yes? Great. We’re going to assume 50% of your hesitation is out the window too. 

Next up, the tech.

How many times have you tried to shop online locally only to find a website that looks like crap, and just doesn’t work? It’s happened to us countless times, which is why we are dedicated to creating websites that get the job done.

Our team has the know-how and experience to help you connect the dots between your store inventory, your payment gateway and the backend of your website, all the while making sure that your site is fast, secure, and beautiful – on desktop and mobile.

And don’t worry if you can’t tell the difference between Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. We will help you select an eCommerce platform that suits your needs and works well with the integrations that are required to plug into your existing setup. When we’re done, we can provide training for your inhouse staff to make sure you have total control over your system.

We get it.

From one business owner to another, we understand that venturing into the unknown, even when we know it’s inevitable, is scary. You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is, and you don’t want to risk it all to follow the digital trend. But we’ll share this little tidbit with you: taking your business online is about growth. If you’re ready for your business to grow, then you’re ready for an eCommerce website.

Systemato’s online shop and eCommerce solutions are designed to power your business with the tools it needs. Contact us today to find out how you can get back up to 50% of your investment in your eCommerce project.

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