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Getting Facebook Ads right

By 07/09/2010August 26th, 2016, Online Marketing3 min read

Facebook advertising or Facebook Ads is now the current buzz word in the online marketing world, and frankly if you are not yet adverting your company on facebook then you need to be thinking about it and getting to it pretty soon. Contact Us for Facebook Ad consultancy

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The point of advertising in any context is to see and ROI.  Unlike traditional advertising (print advertising for example) where you can not accurately measure your returns on investment. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there creating facebook ads, billing up massive adverting costs and seeing no returns. Facebook provides us with tons of data and the tools to be able to measure the ROI of a campaign .

Conversion – Converting Ads to Sales

If you are launching a targeted facebook campaign keep it targeted!

The other day I decided to click on some facebook ads to see where these ads were going. Logically thinking – you would think that if someone is selling ‘DnG glasses’ that once you click on the images of glassesyou will go to a page where you can buy DnG glass, not to the general page. Or if you see an advert for a job, you would expect that the ad takes you to the job description not to the home page of the company. Less clicks count, and the longer it takes a person to get to where they want to be the more chances there are that that person just closes the page and moves on.

Copy and Images

Another very valid point about Facebook ads and as such any ads in general – if you are going to pay 50 cents per click then make sure the spelling is correct: Unlike this ad below which looks unprofessional!

If you are selling a poodle – show a picture of a poodle. An image helps people understand what is beyond your ad. If you are paying per click you do not want people clicking for nothing when you could have let them decide before you paid for that click

Steps to creating a good facebook Ad

1. Decide on a demographic who is ‘interested’ in your product

2. Provide a good description and image of the product – don’t be afraid to include price (think of Amazon ads)

3.Link to a related page so that your customers can click ad and buy product

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