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Let’s do social media… it’s free!

By 08/02/2012August 26th, 2016Online Marketing, 2 min read

I cringe every time a client mentions social media, not because I don’t enjoy creating social media campaigns and running them, but simply because what I perceive as a ‘social media campaign’ and ‘realistic online marketing efforts’ is far different from what my clients think social media is.

Social media management is hard work, there are no hours to it, and your job is to be online watching related trending topics, reposting, retweeting, liking, commenting, engaging people…. in short social media management is like 24 hour cheerleading! You have to be fun, engaging and exciting all the time.

The biggest illusion about social media management however is that it is a FREE way of getting business. Social media efforts take time. It takes 5 minutes to create a social media account but growing a community, feeding that community and maintaining that community takes time! Lots of it!

Today I saw this presentation online about the reality of social media and ROI. It is worth a watch!

If you are looking for someone to run a social media campaign or would like some advice on how to run your social media campaign, get in touch. Ill happily explain what it is you need to be doing in order to create a successful ROI in your social media marketing efforts.

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