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PBS launched a project called the “Malta Audio Visual Memories” that will digitise thousands of archival footage from the 1960s onward and make it available to the general public through a dedicated website and various physical markers situated near sites of historical importance.

Bringing the Digital World to the Physical

The Malta Audio Visual Memories project aims to preserve audiovisual material which is part of Malta’s intangible national and cultural heritage as well as our shared memories of this country. Malta Audio Visual Memories is in essence a digital platform for current and future generations, tourists and visitors, and anyone interested in Malta’s history to easily be able to explore this legacy.

Maltese and visitors alike can view related clips by scanning QR codes found on these markers and logging onto the website to learn more about the historical background of a particular monument or site.

More Than Videos

The MAVM team were planning to launch a website where many of the clips they’ll digitise will be available to the public. The client required content in the form of blog posts to start populating the site with written content after its launch.

Systemato offered the quickest turnaround, the best rates and the most experienced copywriters to handle this job professionally.

We liaised closely with the MAVM team, carried out our own research about the topics we were required to write about, and provided them with weekly updates about our progress.

We drafted a set of informative blog posts (which you can read here) aimed at a general readership that explained how the project works, the team behind it, and presented highlights from MAVM’s collection of digitised clips of Maltese historical events.

A successful project in which the client was kept well aware of progress on the content and was highly satisfied with creative output and writing discipline of the Systemato content writing team.

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