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This is how we built it...

Systemato is structured so that you, the client, don’t pay for our overheads, PA’s wages, and the coffee in our boardroom.
In fact, we don’t have a boardroom, and we’re doing just fine.
We don’t want you to pay for bloat, because you should never pay for bloat anyway.
We don’t pay to rent office space, we never bought office furniture, and we’ve never needed oversize beanbags, coffee machines, aquariums, swing sets and roundabouts, and so on.
By learning from our own clients and adopting a lean approach to running our digital agency, we save on our own costs, and yours too.
By working remotely, our people are either efficient to begin with, become efficient quickly, or simply can’t cut it.
We don’t take meetings willy nilly – if they’re necessary, sure, but if not, a quick call on Skype, Zoom, or the phone does the trick.
We don’t force people to work office hours, because some people shine at night, and others rise early, so we leave it up to them.
We didn’t hire a legion of full timers; rather, we have an army of freelancers/contractors we can raise at any time, and this keeps us lean, efficient, and ready to pivot from one project to the next, while keeping operating costs much lower than they ought to be for a team this size.
And we use the tools at our disposal, Asana, Slack, Google Suite, etc, to maximise efficiency and work smart, not just hard.
Inefficiency is a killer, and it creeps across organisations silently. By trimming the fat and eliminating bloat, by necessity at first, and by design thereafter, we can operate super efficiently, work quicker, to more unreasonable deadlines, and still achieve the quality that you do pay for.

So now that you know, will you ever pay for bloat again?

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