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SEO isn’t that difficult

By 04/01/2011Online Marketing, SEO1 min read

I have many times gone off on an endless rant about SEO. SEO  really ISN’T as complicated as it sounds and finally I am not the only one out there who thinks this way.

Today, I came across a forum entry on A4U by a user, who calls himself ‘Affi Liate’ and he says it all in his post: ”Affiliate Forums, SEO Articles & Dangers For Noobs”.

Please take a few minutes to read his 11 point simple list and yes please pin it to your b**t as he asks you to! If you are recruiting someone to do your site for you keep this list in the back of your head… if you are doing your own SEO, consider it your bible and focus on doing what is on this list rather than waste hours reading about what you could do.

Check out the post here

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