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On Friday 24th of May 2013, Systemato will be attending and participating in the half day seminar called: ‘To Blog or Not to Blog’.

This half day event is organised by Business Leaders Malta and will be led by fellow Maltese blogger Alison Bezzina.

to blog or not to blog workshop

The event aims to share information about how blogging for business should be done. Alison will delve into everything under the blogging sun while Carla will be contributing by presenting some practical examples from her personal blogging-for-business experiences.

Carla from Systemato will also assist Alison by leading a couple of engaging activities during the event to help the attendees get the very most out of the event.

Bringing this blogging and social experience full circle, Mark from Systemato will also be taking part in this event by live-tweeting key points, photos and facts during the To Blog or Not to Blog event.

You can follow the event on Twitter by following @systemato and tuning in from 0900 until 1300 CET on Friday 24th May.

If you’re looking for someone to take over your blog, look no further than Systemato. We know all about blogs and writing for the webContact us today!

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