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This Christmas, we decided to make a meaningful corporate gift for our clients and friends.

Instead of wine, food hampers or calendars, pens, bells, whistles, and so on in the endless parade of corporate gifts, we wanted to go our own way. Use our own heads and imagination.

Nothing against hampers or booze, of course; we love those.

What we wanted was something memorable, something that would genuinely make our clients, colleagues, and friends, smile. Above all, something that will be used, not thrown on a desk somewhere and left to dust up.

So, we made a game, and we called it 4PLAY.

A friend of ours came with an idea for a game, and a few weeks later, a fully finished prototype.

We played it, and we loved it. After a few iterations to optimise the design and customise it to our specific requirements, we decided on the name 4PLAY, and it was done.

Then, it was just a matter of waiting.

Above, two of the different game piece designs we considered, then scrapped.

Waiting? Yes, because we got each and every piece of our 4PLAY game 3D printed. That process looks like this, but endlessly repeated.

In the end, we 3D printed no less than 1760 game pieces and 220 caps and bottoms, not counting all the demo pieces, proofs-of-concept, offcuts, and faulty bits.

We got the instructions and board printed at our good friends Pro Print in Mosta, and they supplied a fantastic paper that is waterproof, and hard to tear (but don’t try too hard, as we don’t have many spares).

A short thank you note was all that was left, and then, assembly, and distribution, and 4PLAY was on the way.

Instructions and game sheets, all printed.

Finished 4PLAY game pieces, all 16 that go into a set.

Finished 4PLAY game pieces, all 16 that go into a set.

Vinyl sticker assembly line.

A lot of 4PLAY all lined up.

A client unboxing the game.

A quick game never hurt anyone.

We will be making more of these games, but to your wishes, in custom batches.

Contact us if you want a small run of our original game, in a custom batch designed to your liking, using your brand colours, logo, and so on. And meanwhile, have a fantastic Christmas and solid start to the New Year!

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