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A copywriter’s existence is riddled with self-doubt. We understand our craft, but every time we practice it, we have to put it at the service of a different vocation. Unless you work with one type of client, each brief confronts you with how little you know about their field.

It sounds absurd to entrust content to someone who doesn’t know the topic half as well as you; who lacks the qualifications you’ve studied hard for and the intimate knowledge of how the industry really works.

Why would anyone ask content writers to deliver a message if they’re not experts like them?

Because writers provide perspective.

We do a lot more in our job, such as carrying out research, taking notes, and preparing outlines and drafts to help us gain a deeper understanding of your project, but perspective is something unique we can offer as informed outsiders.

Let’s flip things around and look at it from the client’s viewpoint:

  • You’re a self-employed professional. Your business rests on your expertise, but you have to find a way to market it.
  • You’re a B2B organisation and your business depends on your bespoke solutions. You also need a way to market them.
  • You’re a B2C company and you’re launching a new product line. You must market it to your customers.

Clients also have to reconcile their main area of expertise with the problem of how to market it successfully. In many cases, they face a double whammy of having to market to non-experts.

Professional copywriters solve this dilemma for you by offering their skills as expert researchers and writers, as well as bridging the knowledge gap between experts and their audience. We step in with the words of a knowledgeable layperson, an encouraging advisor, or a trusted reviewer to give knowledge and reassurance to your customers.

Expertise and empathy. A good writer packs both in content to transform your know-how into “buy-now” copy.

We may ask a lot of questions at the start of the project to pick your mind and get up to speed with your field, but trust us to take your feedback and apply our unique perspective to deliver your message more effectively.

Send us an email and let’s kick off your content project today.

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