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Why selling on Facebook has best reach

By 23/09/2010August 26th, 2016, Online Marketing1 min read

As you all well know now, we are big fans of selling on Facebook.

Most of our clients ask as why; why should I spend money on facebook? why should I make the effort and invest in this form of advertising?

Well here is why! According to the latest facebook statistics taken in August 2010, there are officially  517 Million users on Facebook, coming from 212 different countries.

Take a look at this quick break down of the millions of users per continent:

  • Europe 162.1 Million
  • America 132.8 Million
  • Asia 93.5 Million
  • Africa 17.6 Million
  • Middle East 11.7 Million
  • Australia / New Zealand 11.6 Million

Imagine the potential of selling to that volume of audience?

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