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AU79 Fine Jewellery

Gold by name and by nature

As good as gold

AU79 is a contemporary jewellery brand inspired by Maltese elements and textures. The brand’s name is inspired from gold’s position on the periodic table of elements.

The founder of AU79, Stephanie, worked in the fine jewellery industry with international brands, but felt that her specific tastes don’t always align with the trends.

So, she just had to create her own line of contemporary jewellery, inspired by the natural beauty and textures of the Mediterranean where she was born and raised.

Having learnt from her mother that jewellery is meant to be worn and loved every day, Stephanie made sure that every AU79 piece is designed to be worn on a daily basis, and can easily be added to any existing collection.

All that glitters…

We’re big fans of anything bespoke, beautiful, and open to all, and this project was a golden opportunity (not again!), to use tried and tested technologies and build a robust, customisable, but easy to use online shop for AU79.

It’s very easy to fall for the trap of packing a design with every shining bell and whistle, but that wasn’t going to happen here.

A clean, contemporary and minimal design is what the client wanted; AU79’s brand tone intends to be in contrast to the jewellery pieces themselves. The website had to be highly visual, putting the product front and centre and replicates an in-store experience as much as possible.

Of course, it also had to be fully E-Commerce enabled, with complete ease of daily management, inventory and product management, and management of updates for the client.

The end result is a sleek, swish, very clean website that does not detract from the product at any time, does everything a user expects an online shop to do, and crucially, empowers this exciting jewellery startup to move to the next level.

What They Said

Systemato created precisely what I wanted; a clean, attractive website design that puts focus on my products, and that I can easily manage myself. The process was quick and painless, and they asked the right questions without wasting time, making sure they truly understood what I needed. The results speak for themselves.

Stephanie Seychell, FounderAU79 Fine Jewellery

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