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Bennetti Consulting

Building a website for no ordinary legal practice

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & Bennetti Consulting.

Dr Clint Bennetti is a lawyer specialised in financial services who provides legal advisory and business consultancy to investment funds, pension schemes, and other regulated entities.

Having opened his private practice a few years back, Dr Bennetti needed a new website and brand identity that reflected his professional values and explained his services to prospective clients in the financial sector.

Our work for Bennetti Consulting was an excellent example of how Systemato approaches a new website project: with minimum fuss and maximum understanding of the client’s needs. We didn’t get this from thin air—although we’ve developed quite an intuitive grasp of which kinds of content and design suit our clients best.

Not the usual kind of fine print.

After quizzing Dr Bennetti about his legal practice in a video call, we drew up briefs for our content and design teams along with a multi-stage plan to develop the site.

The project spanned several weeks during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta; applying our collective experience in online team and project management to coordinate every aspect of the job remotely and deliver high-quality results in record time.

Designing a brand identity requires one to learn more about the personality of the client, as well as the expectations of the people working with him. In this case, we sought to create a professional and corporate-looking design while also referencing the personalised approach that Dr Bennetti brings to every consultation.

Similarly, the content we wrote for web pages and blog posts concisely and clearly explains technical subjects such as directorship and company governance.

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