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Continental Cars

Automotive powerhouse uses our Google Ads and social marketing

Services provided: digital marketing, google ads & ppc advertising

Systemato & Continental Cars.

Since 1954 and the first Volkswagen Beetles to touch down in Malta, Continental Cars and the Mizzi family have been intertwined with automotive sales in this country. Even before then, the Group was the representative of Morris (later Rover); in 1977 Continental Cars became sole distributor for Audi and Porsche. SEAT was included in 2009.

As the sole representative and distributors of highly desirable European car brands Audi, Seat, Porsche, and Volkswagen, Continental Cars seeks a large and varied audience for its promotional messages.

The automotive market is competitive and rapid, this especially so with the advent and push towards electrification of the automobile. To ensure the Group’s online adverts are seen by the right people, Continental Cars contacted Systemato.

Foot off the brake and go.

Honestly, the job is made easier when you know and love the product you’re selling. Our founder Mark is an absolute car nut, so it didn’t take him long to put the team to sleep explaining the benefits of this model over another, the incredible torque figures of the Audi RS e-tron GT, and so on until zzzz.

In seriousness though, knowledge of the entire automotive market twinned with expertise in digital marketing meant that we could work our magic on Continental Cars’ ad campaigns, leveraging literally millions of ad impressions to promote the exceptional vehicles offered by the brands Continental Cars represents, to precisely the audience needed, driving footfall to the showrooms and increasing test-drive bookings.

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