Google Ads - they work!

The genius of serving ads while users search

Google Ads & PPC. What’s that exactly?

People normally doze off after the second mention of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and PPC Advertising, but at the risk of losing you, we have to say just what powerful and effective digital marketing tools they are.

Common myths about Google Ads in Malta: “It’s a scam”, “it costs a lot”, and “it does not work”.

All wrong – expert teams in Malta like Systemato can help to build campaigns that can bring your business to the attention of literally anyone who might have interest in your business – even if you are on a tight budget.

Numbers from a client campaign:
Impressions (views of adverts)
Average Cost Per Click
Total Spend

Google Ads Campaigns built around you

Our favourite thing about Google Ads is that you get to decide exactly how much you want to spend, and, accurately define your potential customers. This is a significant advantage compared to other advertising methods like Yellow Pages, classifieds and flyers, where you know what you’re spending, but aren’t sure who actually sees your ad.

Best of all though is that using Google Ads for Search Advertising, you’re getting your advert in front of people who are literally in the act of searching for your product or service.

Here’s what we can deliver
(well above industry average benchmarks)

more reach of potential clients with every €100 spent
lower cost-per-click compared to average Maltese advertising costs
more interaction with custom designed ads compared to the rest

Search Ads, Content Network, Remarketing – explain?

Google Ads is king, of course, but we’re not limited only to Google Search Ads. Using the Content Network and Remarketing, we can target specific websites to advertise on, or show ads to people who have already visited your site, converting them to become clients.

No other advertising method comes close to doing this so efficiently. With a properly configured campaign, Google Ads can generate qualified leads and customers for your business, at a surprisingly low cost.

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