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EJ Busuttil

Healer promote thyself

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & EJ Busuttil.

EJ Busuttil is a local, family-run business spanning generations, and has been a top name in the import and distribution of premium healthcare products since 1988. When we first started working with EJ Busuttil, our mission was to train their core personnel in digital marketing, teaching them the ins and outs of how to run things in-house, Systemato style. After helping the team become digital marketing wizards, it was time to tackle something bigger: the big website redesign.

As a thriving yet established business, EJ Busuttil had outgrown its existing website, which was entirely Flash-based and served up a warning message on Google’s search results page. Not exactly befitting of an enterprise as successful as this one, and a nightmare as far as SEO is concerned—so what kind of solution did we serve up?

Giving marketing a shot in the arm.

At Systemato, we’re experts at helping our clients take their business to the next level. After a few meetings with EJ Busuttil, we identified a two-pronged approach: first, we’d build some basic branding and collateral around the existing company logo. Next, our dev team would work with our designers to create a clean, responsive and user-friendly website that acted as a showcase of everything this home-grown healthcare business has to offer.

We took care of everything from website design and page building to the creation of custom graphics, sourcing stock photographs, and SEO optimization. When that was all done and dusted, we sat down with EJ Busuttil’s in-house team and trained them up on how to use their new WordPress-powered website to keep the world up to date with what they’re up to.

What They Said

“Over the past years, we have built a strong working relationship with the super fun, dynamic team at Systemato. With constant professional communications and consultations, real time solutions as well as Avant-guard service provision, the team at Systemato has managed to revolutionize as well as totally rebrand our online footprint in a strategic, design focused manner. We appreciate all the continuous hard word, dedication and commitment towards our best interests, our minds are at rest with the great people at Systemato.”

Robert BusuttilEJ Busuttil

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