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A household name hires us for Google Ads

Services provided: PPC Advertising

History with every bite.

Established in 1900, Maypole is a family-run group in Malta, excelling in the manufacturing and distribution of food products, particularly bread and baked goods. Emphasising traditional Maltese baked products, Maypole balances tradition with innovation and technology, ensuring quality, consistency, and food safety standards.

The company is headquartered in a state-of-the-art production facility in Ħandaq, Malta and runs a network of convenience store-style retail outlets across the island. In 2012, Carmel Debono opened Nenu The Artisan Baker restaurant in Valletta, offering traditional Maltese cuisine in a historic setting with a century-old oven.

Today Maypole is a highly diversified household name in Malta, renowned for top notch baked goods of all kinds, and consistent quality in their retail outlets and outside catering operations. The group presently has 28+ retail shops dotted around the country, as well as a second Nenu restaurant in Mġarr,  two Granelli coffee shops, and a burger joint called F’IDI in the heart of Qormi, where the Maypole story originally started.



Services Provided

Breaking bread together.

The dedicated marketing team at Maypole approached us with the goal of creating a standout presence, especially in seasonal promotions, through Google advertising campaigns across Search, Display, and YouTube.

We devised a strategic plan to make Maypole the talk of the town. With a significant investment in advertising budget, together with Maypole, we orchestrated millions of ad impressions, showcasing Maypole’s extensive array of products, with a special focus on their renowned bread and baked goods.

Our collaboration with Maypole ensures that both their day-to-day and their seasonal promotions receive all the attention they deserve, reaching and engaging audiences effectively.



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