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Services provided: digital marketing, google ads & ppc advertising

Systemato & Megastore.

Megastore is a shipping and logistics company with one mission at its core: to change the way we shop here in Malta. The only concierge service of its kind locally, Megastore offers its customers a hassle-free and budget-friendly way to shop some of the biggest brands in the world while saving time and money on getting them shipped to Malta.

What Megastore does is pretty amazing. An expert in logistics, our client essentially brings a whole world of retail therapy to our fingertips. Whether it’s Scandi furniture and decor or your favourite vegan must-haves you’re looking for, Megastore can sort it out sharpish, with fantastic customer service.

Shopping for the right solution.

Enter, Systemato. The lovely people at Megastore asked us to come up with a Google Ads strategy that would make them the talk of the town. We worked our digital marketing magic on their ad campaigns, leveraging thousands of euros for literally millions of ad impressions, to promote Megastore’s vast range of ever-growing product lines, including everyone’s favourite home and furniture brand, Ikea.

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