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Shaw Legal

Building a website for no ordinary legal practice

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & Shaw Legal.

Jennifer Shaw is a young, highly experienced lawyer who was looking to break away from the traditions of the legal field. Imagine the soul of young creative entrepreneur, armed with a law degree, and you’ve got Jen Shaw. When she told us, “I want to create a law firm that isn’t a law firm, basically a kind of subscription-model legal service”, we were definitely intrigued.

Our challenge was to create a brand that inspires trust and confidence in clients looking for down to earth legal advice. There’s certainly a market for it – start ups, creative sole traders, anyone who wants to be compliant, but finds themselves driven away by local law firms.

We started with a few good talks with Jen to get a true feeling for who she is, her ethos, and her work. Very quickly, we found ourselves nodding as she spoke, totally understanding what she wanted to do, and why, and who for.

The anti-law firm

The next step was to move on to mood boarding in order to craft a brand that not only captures Jen – but resonates with her target audience.  That means that the brand name, logo, colour palette, style and voice – all of those need to be thought about.

With a full branding concept in our arsenal we were able to begin the work on the Shaw Legal website. The brand voice heavily influenced the content, insuring Shaw Legal doesn’t just look the part but also communicates the same way it operates, with transparency.

Same rhetoric applies for the website design – we would hedge a bet that no other local law firm’s website looks like Shaw Legal’s. And in further pursuit of creating a sense of transparency and accessibility, the site’s main goal is for users to book a call with Jen where they can openly discuss their brief and book in with her.

We love working on a brave new idea, and this was certainly one of those occasions. It was a great project to work on, where the client knew what they wanted but also trusted our research and knowhow. In the end, we’re both very proud of the brand that resulted, and Shaw Legal is underway and steaming ahead!

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