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Easing the burden of compliance

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, branding & design

Systemato & Shoulder.

Charles, a highly experienced professional in compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) services, sought to defy industry norms with his firm, Shoulder.

The challenge was to create a brand that exudes trust and credibility, appealing to clients who desire down-to-earth and practical guidance, while remaining no-nonsense in the approach. Shoulder caters to companies of all sizes, particularly those seeking compliance solutions without feeling overwhelmed by technicalities.

Through in-depth conversations with Charles, we quickly connected with his vision, understanding his passion and target audience. Together, we embarked on a journey to establish Shoulder as a beacon of reliable and accessible compliance services, led by Charles’s expertise and unwavering commitment.

Compliance at its best.

The next phase involved creating a mood board to shape Shoulder’s brand, capturing its essence and resonating with the target audience. This encompassed thoughtful considerations of the brand name, logo, color palette, style, and voice.

Armed with a comprehensive branding concept, we started the development of the Shoulder website. The brand voice played a pivotal role in shaping the content, ensuring that Shoulder not only looks the part but also communicates transparently, aligning with its operational philosophy.

This commitment to transparency and accessibility extended to the website design. We confidently assert that no other local compliance and AML firm’s website resembles Shoulder’s unique aesthetic. The website’s primary objective is to enable users to book a consultation with our team, fostering open discussions and facilitating seamless engagement.

Beyond Shoulder’s website, we’ve also been asked to create a number of designs for Shoulder, from event programmes and presentations, to posters and roll-up banners.

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