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Spagnol Strength

The strongest website we've ever built

Services provided: content writing, web design & development, social media marketing

Systemato & Spagnol Strength.

Matthew Spagnol is an all-round strongman – a friend and erstwhile training partner of our founder Mark’s, he asked for some help and guidance in setting up his brand new physical training business online.

The Spagnol Strength system of fitness training is unlike many others. It eschews fads, 7 day diet plans and abdominal programs. Instead it focuses on effective training for power, stamina, and sanity. So basically, Spagnol is a little like Systemato, but more “cut the crap and give me 10 pushups” than “just get to the CTA”.

Gains everywhere

Having discussed the project at length with Matthew, our team set to work on a simple, effective, dynamic website that clearly presents the Spagnol Strength and the man behind it, the philosophy behind the training, a few testimonials, and crucially an easy way to contact Spagnol and book a class or session.

With the website done and launched, we next focused on social media, creating bold, effective messaging for Spagnol Strength, helping to grow their social audience and generate bookings from there too.

In addition, a lean but mean Google Ads campaign focusing on highly defined keywords based on specific user searches, and discerning targeting in a Display campaign mopped up bookings we would not have reached on social.

All in all, just like Spagnol – an all round, intense, effective exercise that leaves benefits immediate and long lasting.

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